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The largest Tier 2 level datacenter in Caucasus. Co-location, virtualization, hardware and rack spaces rent on demand.


Our company is build the largest data center in the Caucasus. Currently, it’s functional only 10% of full power. Also need to note that today, Delta Telecom ISP enjoyed great success not only in Azerbaijan but also in the region.

The main purpose of Delta Telecom Date Center are development and locating of Azeri-language content in our country and provision security for this content.

In the Delta Telecom data center installed the most modern security and data monitoring systems, organizing at the highest level protection of databases, operating systems, web-applications, client systems, as well as the Centre itself.

In the data center through virtualization program established an impeccable uniform structure, which combines high-speed server and bulk storage device.

Taking advantage of the infrastructure-based Delta Telecom data center could offer complete quality solutions for enterprise, businesses and individual customers.

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